“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; Together we can do great things.”

– Mother Teresa


Co-farming: shaping and developing farm life together

The Guglerahof is a very large and versatile farm. The many resources (land, forest, water, various buildings, bakery etc.) offer countless possibilities. In this sense it is our wish to motivate people to realize their passion on our farm. The life on the farm is to be shaped by several different sub-projects, for which our “co-farmers” are willing to take responsibility and get involved. What exactly should this look like? For example the hobby honey producer and bee lover, who finds her small garden production facility too small and would like to expand. Why not with us, together? Also woofers and volunteers have a place with us. These are only two of many possibilities… Do you have an idea or a project you want to realize with us? We are curious – write us!

Co-Working: using synergies through networking, promoting creativity and entrepreneurial spirit

The extensive premises on the Guglerahof led us to consider how they could be used sensibly. The idea was to create a Co-Working Space in the middle of the Freiburg Oberland, surrounded by meadows and forests. It is not only the values such as openness, collaboration, sustainability, community and accessibility that convinced us. Every Co-Working Space is also a kind of idea factory, full of dynamics, exchange and innovation. And that’s exactly what the Guglerahof should be: open for new ideas and for everyone. The necessary infrastructure is currently being developed.

Innovative: combining new ways with proven traditions

Agriculture has been around for ages. There are dozens of proven traditions and experiences that say how something has been done since time immemorial. Nevertheless, we do not want to rest on the existing knowledge. We want to be constantly on the move, curious and in search of better, more efficient and sustainable ways for us humans, but also for our animals and nature.

Constant: economic thinking and action

Our farm is a business and therefore obliged to operate economically and profitably. This must be the focus of our daily work. Our goal is to develop the farm continuously.

Friendly: responsible treatment of nature, animals and people

We attach great importance to natural and environmentally friendly farming on the farm. Our aim is not only to preserve nature, but also to give something positive back to it. We are inspired by organic and permaculture approaches.